StVO - Training Course: the new road traffic regulations

The revision to the StVO road traffic regulations was published on 12 March 2013 in the German federal law gazette (Bundesgesetzblatt) and came into force on 1 April 2013. As well as containing gender-neutral emendations and alterations to the catalogue of fines, the regulations make provision for getting rid of some road signs, modifying others, and introducing several new ones.

In view of so many changes, it is important to keep up with the times. For people working in road services in particular, it is essential that they are familiar with the latest statutory regulations according to the StVO traffic regulations and the VzKat catalogue of traffic signs, as well as with the latest technology. We are all confronted with a very confusing array of signs, but Bremicker will help you to find your way around.

Target group:

supervisors, managers and operatives of: municipal building yards, road maintenance agencies, municipal cleaning services, building departments, companies (construction supervisor, site foreman), civil engineering departments, highway authorities, municipal administrative collaborations, agricultural machinery collectives, traffic safety agencies, the police, local traffic monitoring units, forestry departments, authorising bodies, departments responsible for the operational procurement of safety equipment, etc.

On taking part in the training course on 'StVO - the new road traffic regulations', participants receive all the information they need with respect to the changes and reforms in the new regulations. Our trainers do not just pass on the facts; with the help of practical examples, they also provide insight into their implementation, while at the same time drawing attention to what is new.

Some of the areas covered by the training course:

  • information on what new signs have been introduced, which ones no longer apply, and which are now obsolete
  • overview of what phase-out periods of the old § 53 StVO have now expired
  • specialist clarification and critical appraisal of new and modified regulations
  • legal implications
  • MLV (code of practice regarding the use of reflective sheeting)
  • fields of application with practical examples

Price per person:  215.-- €

The price includes:

  • one-day training course instructed by a certified StVO specialist
  • course material
  • refreshments during coffee and lunch breaks (overnight accommodation is not included in the price)

If you have a larger group that would like to participate in a course, please let us know. You can then help us to devise a solution to suit your needs.

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