RSA - Training Course: safety measures at roadworks sites in built-up areas and on major roads

On 1 January 2001, MVAS 99 was published -  the code of practice regarding specialist knowledge necessary for implementing safety measures at roadworks.

With the issue of the code of practice, the specifications with respect to the awarding of contracts for construction work were tightened. Therefore, specialist training is needed to make sure that the people responsible are proficient in implementing safety measures at roadworks sites. RSA stipulates that a certificate of proficiency is mandatory, above all for anyone in charge of such roadworks. It must be issued explicitly in that person's name and is valid for five years. The contracting body also requires training.

Target group:

supervisors, managers and operatives of:  municipal building yards, road maintenance agencies, municipal cleaning services, building departments, companies (construction supervisor, site foreman), civil engineering departments, highway authorities, municipal administrative collaborations, agricultural machinery collectives, traffic safety agencies, the police, local traffic monitoring units, forestry departments, authorising bodies, offices responsible for operational procurement of safety equipment, municipal-owned operations, urban and local utilities. etc.

On taking part in the Bremicker training courses on 'RSA - roadworks safety on all roads except motorways over both long and short periods of time' participants are issued with the certificate of proficiency required in accordance with to MVAS 99.

Some of the areas covered by the training course:

  • site layout diagrams - how to draft them, how to implement them
  • barriers, warning lights, cones, delineators, barrier panels
  • enforcement of statutory traffic regulations
  • roadworks sites on the carriageway inside and outside built-up areas, and near footways
  • statutes and regulations, StVO (road traffic regulations), MVAS 99 (code of practice on safety measures at roadworks), RSA (new) (roadworks safety), BGB (civil code), ZTV-SA (additional specifications)     
  • vehicles, special rights and privileges, warning marks on vehicles
  • checks, maintenance and inspection of workplaces at roadworks sites

Price per person:  215.-- €

The price includes:

  • one-day course instructed by a certified RSA specialist
  • course material
  • officially recognised certificate of qualification
  • refreshments during the coffee and lunch breaks

If you have a larger group that would like to participate in a course, please let us know. You can then help us to devise a solution to suit your needs.


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