Installation Service

Bremicker Verkehrstechnik kümmert sich umfassend um Ihre Bedürfnisse im Bereich Verkehrstechnik.

As experienced producers and suppliers of traffic signs and road markings, we are as well acquainted with the manifold tasks facing our clients as we are with our own. 

We will be happy to provide support when it comes to traffic signage and road markings, so that you can then focus on the tasks in all the other areas you need to deal with.

Just give us a call or fax us your inquiry and we'll take care of the rest!

With all the services we offer, we function as a one-stop shop. In everything from ordering new signs and their installation, to the replacing of signage or the recovery of faulty parts, we can promise you our professional and dependable support.

You need to arrange for new road markings? Not a problem! Just send us your marking plan and leave the rest to our highly trained personnel and our professional products. They will do the job for you quickly and efficiently.

With our nationwide network of reliable and capable partners we can also lend you practical support in your local area. If you need more information, just contact our external staff or call us direct.

Our services:

  • new traffic signs set up, work on foundations included
  • traffic signs replaced
  • delineator posts and bollards set up
  • installation of other traffic technology
  • marking work
  • faulty parts replaced and recovered

Advantages for you:

  • no complex coordination needed
  • issues with personnel shortages solved or avoided altogether
  • no storage costs for materials
  • deadlines kept to
  • records of job performance with illustrated work reports
  • checks for evidence of ageing and deterioration
  • safe disposal of obsolete material