Variable Message Signs using Prism Technology

Variable Message Signs using Prism Technology from Bremicker Verkehrstechnik

Variable Message Signs (VMS) using prism technology are robust and flexible tools for controlling the flow of traffic on motorways and major roads in the fastest and most effective way. With steadily increasing traffic levels on motorways and major roads, the level of performance required of road traffic equipment is growing too. The people in charge need to respond ever more quickly to the changing traffic and environment situations by deploying traffic control systems in order to ensure that traffic keeps moving smoothly for all road users. VMS signs are an effective answer to the diverse and exacting challenges posed by road traffic control. A rotatable prism system can hold up to three different items of information.

A combination of a number of high-grade components ensures that the rotatable prism system enjoys a long service life. The prisms, consisting of seamlessly extruded aluminium sections, with maintenance-free bearings and non-rusting drive parts, provide a variable display face. Its drive mechanism is powered by a heavy-duty speed-controlled electric motor with overload protection. The display face is activated via wired serial or parallel control, or via various radio technologies.

The VMS signs can withstand extreme environmental conditions, e.g. temperatures ranging from -40° to  +60° C, or an invasive maritime climate. This is not only invaluable with respect to StVO-compliant signs,  but also for specialist signage, signs showing lettering or pictograms, and advertising displays.
The signs can be manufactured to the specifications of the client in bespoke sizes.

Variable Message Signs using prism technology

Information can be printed on three sides of the Bremicker rotatable prism system.

Flexible traffic control thanks to rotatable prism systems

Rotatable prism systems can hold several pieces of information