VMS Traffic Signs using Prism Technology or with LED or LCD Display

Wechselverkehrszeichen sind State of the Art der modernen Verkehrsführung.

The different technologies (Prism, LED and LCD) used in variable message signs (VMS) are highly flexible and can be easily adapted to suit local conditions or to accommodate individual customer needs. Each technology has its own specific usefulness and can be modified in each case to comply with the client's own specifications. The choice of sizes and technologies means that important information for road users can be displayed in the best way suitable for urban environments, suburban areas, or on motorways.

Variable Message Signs using Prism Technology from Bremicker Verkehrstechnik

Variable Message Signs using Prism Technology

Variable Message Signs (VMS) using prism technology are robust and flexible tools for controlling the flow of traffic on motorways and major roads in the fastest and most effective way.

Variable message signs using LED or LCD technology are available. Modernste Technik lässt wichtige Anzeigen noch sichtbarer werden, wodurch die Sicherheit auf den Straßen steigt.

Variable Message Signs using LED/LCD Technology

Variable message signs (VMS) are available using LED or LCD technology. Thanks to this latest technology, important information is now more readily visible, and this helps to improve road safety.