VeDasys V01 System for Collecting Traffic Data

The VeDasys V01 device for collecting traffic data delivers data for traffic analysis

Recording traffic data is of crucial importance when it comes to organising public spaces. The VeDasys V01 device supplied by Bremicker is a mobile measuring device with which you can record the traffic data you need.  Just how public spaces are organised has a big impact on the quality of life of the people who live there. For future traffic planning projects it is important that equal attention is paid to the demands made by traffic and to the needs of residents. In order to do that, planners need to gather better data than that captured by just counting vehicle numbers.
For this purpose Bremicker Verkehrstechnik can offer this mobile classification device which can automatically record traffic data from the roadside. The whole system and its energy supply are built into a compact and practical waterproof casing. To collect traffic data the VeDasys V01 can quite easily be mounted to any available posts beside the road. A 45° marking ensures optimum alignment of the device. From this position the device registers passing vehicles contact-free and fully automatically

An integrated length measuring function, which can differentiate between HGVs, cars (with and without trailers) and two-wheeled vehicles, as they pass, has the ability to classify road users in five categories. The VeDasys V01 will give you excellent service when planning your projects and analysing your results.


Device for collecting traffic data - from Bremicker Verkehrstechnik

The VeDasys is compact and practical

Rechargeable battery display of the VeDasys V01 are inside the casing

The display is protected inside the casing

We offer annual servicing to make sure your device remains state of the art.  If you have queries about any aspects of the device for collecting traffic data and the servicing contract, please get in touch.

Our specialists in speed warning systems will be available to advise you personally.

Product information

  • contact-free capture of traffic data via radar from the roadside
  • easy theft-resistant installation on tubular posts with different diameters
  • traffic volume recorded in 5 category settings
  • vehicles registered with details of date, time, speed and vehicle length
  • data recorded on memory card and read via USB card reader
  • extensive evaluation software – simple and self-explanatory
  • sturdy casing