Speed Warning System Temposys T03

Speed measurement and display device Temposys T03 Bremicker Verkehrstechnik

Speed warning systems are setting new standards in displaying and analysing speed measurement data. They are among the most econonomical and reliable means of collecting traffic data and preventing accidents. The Temposys T03 speed measuring device is particularly useful for controlling traffic in sensitive areas, such as schools, day care facilities, construction sites, residential areas, and many more locations. The built-in radar sensor measures vehicle speed; the reading shows up immediately on the display and is saved for statistical purposes on a memory card, together with the date and the time. The data can be read quite easily using a USB card reader, and it is then analysed with the help of customised software, or exported to MS Excel.
The device comes in a choice of colours. It is also possible to select what interval you need between the flashing sequences, in order to make a clear distinction between correct speeds and speeds which exceed the speed limit. To ensure optimum visibility, the brightness of the LED display is continuously adjusted to adapt to the conditions at the location. The Temposys T03 is a speed measuring device housed in a sturdy aluminium casing.

The speed warning system records the data of passing vehicles

The Temposys T03 has a sturdy aluminium casing

The operating panel is well hidden and protected inside the casing

The operating panel is well hidden and protected inside the aluminium casing

We will be happy to advise you if you have any queries about operating the device and analysing the results. To make sure that the software is updated regularly we can offer you a special service contract for the Temposys T03 speed warning system.

Special features of the product

  • two-colour LED display with brightness adjustment
  • data measurement via radar, data recorded on a memory card and read via USB card reader
  • captured data includes date, time and speed
  • extensive evaluation software – simple and self-explanatory with export of data to MS Excel
  • easy theft-resistant mounting to posts with different diameters
  • sturdy vandalproof aluminium casing
  • operational over a long period thanks to up to four rechargeable batteries with energy-efficient display and intelligent power management
Easy installation with 'one-man' bracket

The 'one-man' bracket makes installation on a tubular post simple and theft-resistant

Detailed analysis of the data thanks to the appropriate software

The data can be read using software tailored to suit the device












The data on the speed warning system give details of the traffic volume

The data collected provides information about current traffic volumes