Securing Loads

The load securing system from Bremicker Verkehrstechnik is easy to use and provides comprehensive protection

If loads are properly secured, it means that the goods being transported are protected while in transit; and the legislation for this is laid down in the StVO German road safety regulations. With the right equipment, you can secure freight both easily and effectively, and with a minimum of fuss, while at the same time adhering to road safety provisions.


The greater part, i.e. 70%, of all goods transported in Germany are moved by HGVs, pick-ups and sprinter vans (cf. brochure from the federal office of statistics (Statistisches Bundesamt) - Verkehr auf einen Blick (traffic at a glance) - 2013, p.13). According to the federal office, this means that approximately 3.4 billion tonnes of freight was transported by road in 2013. For all stakeholders involved it is important that the loads arrive safely and undamaged at their destination. However, it sometimes happens that goods are lost in transit. Nearly every day radio stations broadcast warnings, pointing out that objects have been left lying in German roads - and this poses a risk for all road users.

When vehicles pull away or brake, and also when they take corners, the freight they are carrying is subjected to different physical forces, centrifugal force for example. If the load is not sufficiently secured, it will start to move about and may eventually topple off. Poorly secured or dislodged loads are a hazard for the driver and the other road users, as well as risking damage to the goods being transported. Failure to comply with the regulations stipulated in StVO, StVZO and HGB can result in fines of up to 10.000 € for the owner of the vehicle, the driver, the consignor and the shipper.


At Bremicker Verkehrstechnik we load, ship and transport all kinds and sizes of goods every day, and so our expertise in this stands us in good stead when it comes to advising our clients on how to secure loads. Our product portfolio includes TÜV-tested transport boxes, as well as special racks and covers for keeping your loads safe.

With our products you can be sure that your goods will be safe while in transit, as well as being in compliance with statutory regulations.


The Toolbox from Bremicker Verkehrstechnik provides protection for your goods                                                                                                 chutz Ihrer Güter

With our Toolbox you can make sure that your tools are always safely stowed away according to regulations

Our load carrier system for safe transportation of longer goods

Our load carrier system for safe transportation of longer goods

With the load securing system you can:

  • secure the load in accordance with statutory regulations
  • keep expensive tools and materials safe from weather damage or theft
  • increase workflow management efficiency

Transport Boxes

  • proof against rain and spray
  • integrated cylinder locks act as a theft deterrent
  • easy to keep tidy and well-organised
  • more efficient workflow management
  • several models and sizes available


  • high load-bearing capacity
  • horizontal or diagonal transportation of longer items
  • positive and/or non-positive fixing of load
  • engineered to suit your size specifications
  • easy to fit and dismantle


  • protection against dirt and weather damage
  • horizontal or diagonal transportation of longer goods
  • can easily be used in combination with Toolbox und Roadbox RB-70
  • custom-engineered according to the dimensions of your vehicle
  • easy to fit and dismantle


The Basicbox from Bremicker Verkehrstechnik has plenty of storage space

The Basicbox has plenty of space for tools and other items

The Frontrack allows you to keep longer items secure on the vehicle roof.

The Front-Rack is a safe option for moving longer goods




The Basiccover offers protection against dirt and damp

The Basiccover offers reliable protection against dirt and damp