Equipment Range for the Winter

Get through the winter safely with Bremicker Verkehrstechnik

During the winter months, snow fencing to hold back drifts, grit bins, or snow demarcation poles are all  essential pieces of equipment for many local authorities and road maintenance services. High-grade products will ensure that there are big improvements in safety levels for all road users confronted with adverse weather conditions involving snow or high winds.
The winter months always prove a challenging time for road maintenance services. Extreme temperatures, ice, and snow conditions require their undivided attention 100% of the time. Our range of winter equipment aims to offer you support in your battle against ice and snow.

We are the people to come to if you need to find efficient ways of dealing with snow drifts. Our equipment, which ranges from snow fencing to grit bins and more, can be made to suit your specific needs as regards size, form and function.


Our winter range staff are experts in this field and will be happy to advise you on how best to use our equipment.


Let us help you to get through the winter!

Bremicker Verkehrstechnik offers a wide range of winter equipment

Snow fence fork from the Bremicker Verkehrstechnik range

Prevents snow dirifts - snow fencing from Bremicker Verkehrstechnik

Prevents snow drifts. Snow fencing from Bremicker Verkehrstechnik

Amongst other things our product portfolio includes:

  • grit bins
  • snow fencing
  • snow poles

Just give us a call. Our team will be happy to tell you more about the other products that we have to offer.