Construction Projects

Overhead displays, verge-mounted signs and cantilever-arm signage require careful planning to ensure compliance with RWB and RWBA guidelines                  chnik

Overhead displays and ground-anchored signs require careful advance planning to ensure that they conform to RWB and RWBA guidelines (covering signage for motorways and other roadways). Projects of this kind are costed and carried out as an integrated package by our experienced construction managers.  As leading manufacturers of traffic engineering technology we know exactly what is required of our products; and this expertise stands us in good stead with respect to construction projects. Our team of project managers are specialists in realising all construction projects requiring compliance with RWB and RWBA guidelines. With years of experience behind us, we are in a position to provide full support, starting at the planning stage, working on through to assembly, and continuing right through to the final inspection testing, when it comes to projects involving gantry-mounted overhead displays and cantilever-arm signs. We can also offer our expertise in implementing projects involving dynamic signage. Since 2009 we have featured in the directory of prequalified construction companies, i.e. companies which, having already satisfied the qualification requirement, are tasked with fitting out roads.

Dynamic traffic sign to be mounted on an overhead gantry - Bremicker Verkehrstechnik

Putting the finishing touches to a large-scale dynamic sign before it is mounted on an overhead gantry

A Bremicker installation crew set up a verge-mounted sign alongside a motorway        ehrstechnik beim Aufstellen eines Bodenschildes

Our own Bremicker installation crew setting up a verge-mounted sign alongside a motorway

Your project begins with a site survey. All the project work, from the structural calculations and the manufacturing to the assembly of the signs is done on our premises. You will be assigned your own special contact person so that you can talk through the different stages and discuss any ideas with him. Thanks to the wide-ranging portfolio of Bremicker products, synergies are created, thus ensuring that the project runs smoothly and is completed speedily. Our very own installation crews and the partners we have worked with for years know our products inside out. This guarantees faultless and efficient assembly and installation with every project.

Bremicker Verkehrstechnik enables you to realise your traffic technology construction project relying entirely on one single efficient source.

Installation of a large-scale sign by Bremicker Verkehrstechnik

A crane moves the signs into position

Putting the final touches to a gantry-mounted traffic sign - Bremicker Verkehrstechnik

A work platform is needed when dealing with gantry-mounted signs