Bremicker Verkehrstechnik offers a variety of different occupations.

We believe that our dependable, highly-trained and hard-working employees are our best asset and our most valuable capital for the future. This way of thinking is also one of the keys to our success. We are convinced that our shared values are supremely important in working together.

We all need to join forces in achieving a common goal: success, based on excellent customer support and expert know-how in the field of traffic engineering technology. By combining high levels of both motivation and productivity, we will be acting together to shape the future of our company.  Because of the shared culture which underpins this team spirit, we feel  it is of paramount importance that we reconcile the objectives of a company committed to economic and social responsibility with the personal goals of its employees.

Working in traffic engineering technology means working in a very diverse environment, and Bremicker Verkehrstechnik offers exciting and challenging jobs requiring competence in a variety of different fields, such as commerce, sales, manual technical skills, or technological development.

Our company is growing steadily, and this means that we are always looking to take on dedicated new people.  Why not simply email us an unsolicited job application. The address to send it to is: . We look forward to hearing from you!

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